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Relax Renew Re-envision

Stockholm Archipelago

Come and join this five-day yoga retreat in Stockholm, Sweden to relax, renew, and re-envision. A moment to deeply nourish and be connected to your needs that will give birth to a new vision in life. This is the time to immerse yourself in relaxing and natural surroundings to renew yourself through medicine such as sound healing, Kundalini yoga, and energy work. A pause to relax from the busyness of daily life and an opportunity to revitalize your system through healthy foods and aligned movement
This retreat will be held in English / cette retraite se tiendra en anglais

A gift to myself

Before heading towards autumn, which is often an intense time of the year, take a moment to fully integrate the energy of summer, reconnect to yourself, to your needs and desires, get clear about what matters to you. Recharge your batteries in beautiful Nature, which is abundant, and the sweet late summer light.



We will be sharing our favorite tools to cultivate our energy and great spirit: movement, meditation, breathwork and relaxation.

You will have three daily yoga sessions, morning, noon and evening.

The morning sessions will be vitalizing, to provide you with a beautiful energy for the day, and the evening practices will be more relaxing. Everyone is welcome to join, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned student.

All yoga practices will work on our various systems (digestive, circulatory, endocrine, etc.), helping the body come into balance.

By the end of our time together, you will look radiant, you will feel deeply relaxed, inspired, with a vision of what kind of life you want.

You will have two longer sessions with the gong that induces a deep relaxed state in your entire system. It will support the body to release longtime stored tension from your cells and activate your body's natural healing capacities. These sessions will help you enhance and more deeply integrate your practice and experience of the retreat on a cellular level. 

cacao ceremony
Cacao Ceremony

At the end of our retreat we will gather for a sacred ceremony to nourish our future through an intentional setting cacao ceremony. It will support you to stay aligned to your insights which will be born during the retreat and further guide your choices in the near future. The ceremonial cacao was already used by the mayan culture as a healing elixir and ceremonial plant but as well an offering to the gods thanks to its potency. Today we know the ceremonial cacao is  full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that awakens the healing, and boundless heart energy, as well as a boost for the immune system.


The Stockholm archipelago of 30,000 islands, skerries and rocks fans out 80 km east into the Baltic Sea from the city.


Stockholm Archipelago and its islands is really a wonder, you will be fully recharged and grounded  after spending some time there. It is a great place for integrating the energy and getting ready for what is coming next.



This sounds like a dream!

This retreat is for you if any of these sounds like YOU!
  • You long to finally have time to connect to yourself, to your needs and desires


  • You long for deep and authentic connections and to  feel a sense of community

  • You want to deeply relax and have space and time for yourself

  • You want to reconnect to the spark of practicing yoga, and feel the life force through you

  • You want to increase your energy and vitality

  • You want to be totally immersed in natural environment helping you ground and relax

  • You want to take care of your mind and body and improve your health, increase your vitality and wellbeing

  • You want to feel the body-mind-soul connection

  • You want to feel inspired and fully alive, with an energy level supporting you in following your dreams

Is thisfor me?
We will start the opening circle on Wednesday 24 August at 5pm and we will close the retreat on Sunday after the cacao ceremony around noon.
Daily program
Daily program
SILENCE until breakfast time
08:00-09:15 yoga and meditation  
9:15-10.30 breakfast
10:30-12:00 free time (rest, read, have a swim, have a massage,  go for a walk...)
12:00-13:15 yoga 
Lunch 13.30-14.30
14:30-16:30 free time
16:30-18:30 gentle yoga
18.30-19.30 dinner

I totally see myself there!

Our home - lyckhem

Our home for this retreat is called "Lyckhem" the house of happiness. ​It is surrounded by beautiful nature, tranquility and comfort. A natural place where you easily fall into peace and relaxation by simply being. There is the possibility to use a sauna or if your heart is calling to drift away, rent a canoe.

Our home
Healthy food

You will enjoy healthy, delicious, plant-based food, cooked with love three times a day.

All-day access to coffee and tea.

About us
Your teachers

Has been living the path of yoga the last decade and feels honored to share the practices with others from her heart. She teaches an intuitive and holistic path where both practices and philosophies from traditional yoga and kundalini yoga are embraced where she combines asanas, kriya, meditation, yoga nidra, breathwork, yin yoga and mantras as part of the journey.  Recent years she's  been called to go deeper with sound healing and integrates this element into the practice of yoga to enhance the students' experience. Nora also shares tools for intuitive eating and grows her own food which connects her to mother nature and the seasons on a deep level. 


Has almost two decades of yoga practice and loves to share all the practices she has learned along the way. She is especially passionate about energy work, and all the yoga she teaches integrate that dimension, be it in kundalini yoga or Energy Medicine Yoga. She also loves to offer a full yoga experience and includes not only the yoga poses but also breathwork, mantras, mudras, meditation and relaxation



Regular price (to be paid in Swedish crowns)
SEK 11500 (roughly  CHF 1065.-)per person (accommodation in a double room) 
SEK 12500 (roughly CHF 1155.-)per person (accommodation in a single room / limited availability based on a first-come first-serve)

What's included
  • 4-night stay in a villa

  • All organic meals  (breakfast, lunch and dinner) 

  • 3 daily Yoga sessions (all yoga equipment available on site)

  • 2 gong sessions

  • a cacao ceremony 

  • Access to sauna

What's not included
  • Flight to Stockholm & transportation to the premises

  • Personal and travel insurance

  • option to have a 1-on-1 yoga practice specific to your needs

  • option to receive massages or energetic work.

Booking & Conditions

To secure booking: 50% deposit. The rest to be paid by 30 June for Early bird, by 22 July for regular price . Payment to be made in Swedish Krona (SEK). You will receive the bank details for payment in the automatic email once you sign up. You spot is confirmed only once we have received the payment.

Cancellation policy: in case of cancellation after 22 July 2022, a refund is only possible if a suitable replacement is found, and in this case SEK 500 of administrative costs will be retained. 

I'm in! I want to register

Yoga à Inner Peace durant l'été
Yoga à Inner Peace durant l'été
02 juil. 2024, 12:15
Inner Peace


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